Retreat is a space-defining lounge collection that supports real work in often underutilized spaces. It defines areas for small groups, provides privacy for individuals, and offers visual consistency in space planning.

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Space Defining

Space Defining

Generous privacy wings and high-back lounge pieces enable the Retreat collection to create space-within-space.

Work Geometry

Work Geometry

The seating geometry of the Retreat collection has been scaled to support active work postures.

Full Family

Full Family

The lounge collection includes wing-back, high-back, and low-back chairs, and a matching ottoman.

Designer Spotlight

“Our philosophy balances simplicity and honesty so that the designs may grow in today’s ever-changing world.”
- Niels Bendtsen, Bendtsen Design Associates


Idea Starters


Overall Dimensions H 46" W 30 1/2" D 32 1/2"
Overall Dimensions H 37" W 30 1/2" D 32 1/2"
Overall Dimensions H 15" W 20" D 12"
Overall Dimensions H 30 1/2" W 30 1/2" D 32 1/2"

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